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Is it OK to use Tylenol PM as a sleep aid? For Insomnia "The Tylenol PM worked . TOO GOOD! After 20 minutes I would have a great night's sleep. I have been taking it for years . then my son told me the new reports about this causing dementia. I stopped immediately. The side effects after I stopped have been pretty severe. I never dreamt that there would be.

Unclassified is naproxen. Naproxen oral tablet is a medication drug. It comes as a mixture, delayed-release tablet, and liquid chromatography. You take these signs by mouth. Our doctor may start you on a bad dose so that this drug doesn't build up too much in your stomach.

"I will never take this again. Woke with such a dry mouth I could barely swallow, and a need to use my inhaler. This is NOT a usual thing for me. Reading today, I see that anyone with asthma etc should not use this. I would echo that. I did sleep but still feel unwell and glad I only took TWO.". Tylenol PM is a combination of the drugs diphenhydramine and acetaminophen. Diphenhydramine is an anti-histamine used to promote sleep and reduce inflammation, while acetaminophen reduces fever and pain. Taken together, Tylenol PM can help people with the common cold, flu or fever get to sleep and relieve pain.

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