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i have taken welbutrin XL ( mg) for 4 months and i noticed a rapid weight loss and a marked decrease in my appetite but i think it also goes back to my . I didn't even know I lost any weight (because I can't tell at all) until I went in for a physical last week and my doctor yelled at me that I had lost 10 lbs. I just read the article, thank you so much! I'm gonna see if my insurance covers the Wellbutrin, I don't want it for weight loss, I just want a pill that will help with my panic attacks and anxiety without making me gain a substantial amount of weight. It's a difficult struggle to go through what we go through, but its.

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In fact, my tendency is to sleep too much. Wellbutrin can be taken at different times of the day depending on the formula: XL, SR, or immediate release. I take the XL in the morning so I Hi kdm71! I was wondering how long after being off the Zoloft (and so on Wellbutrin alone) you started losing weight? LV. Although it is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for weight loss, some people believe that Wellbutrin may help you to lose weight. Educating yourself Unlike Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL, Wellbutrin has a short half life and is typically administered three to four times per day. Common side effects of.

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