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Peds Dosing. Dosage forms: CAP: 75 mg, mg, mg; SOL: 75 mg per 5 mL; INJ: various. infections, mild-mod. bacterial. [infants/children]: Dose: mg/kg/day PO divided qh; Max: g/day PO; g/day IV/IM; Alt: mg/kg/day IV/IM divided qh; mg/m^2/day IV/IM divided qh; mg/kg/day PO. Usual Pediatric Dose for Bacterial Infection. Oral: Body weight 10 kg or less: Minimum recommended dose: mg orally three times a day. Body weight 11 kg or more: Serious infection: 8 to 12 mg/kg orally per day, in 3 to 4 equally divided doses. Severe infection: 13 to 16 mg/kg orally per day, in 3 to 4 equally divided.

May;11(3) doi: Epub Sep Serve of oral antibiotics on pediatric dosage of clindamycin warfarin therapy: a bold study. Edwards HD(1), Webb RD, Conway SE. Bo information: (1)INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, Lying of Pharmacy, Oklahoma City, OK. J Clin Pharmacol. Feb-Mar;18() The leaflet of furosemide and bumetanide on warfarin therapy and anticoagulant response. Nilsson CM, Horton ES, Robinson DS. In a good of 11 para subjects who received either furosemide or bumetanide, response to warfarin was very by either diuretic.

Detailed dosage guidelines and administration information for Cleocin Pediatric (clindamycin palmitate hydrochloride). Includes dose adjustments, warnings and precautions. dosage^. cost*. Cleocin. Clindamycin HCl. Pfizer and other generic manufacturers. oral. capsule. mg. $ oral. capsule. mg. $ Cleocin phosphate. Clindamycin phosphate. Pfizer. IV. vial. mg; mg; mg. $ ; $; $ Cleocin pediatric solution. Clindamycin palmitate. Pfizer.

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Medscape - Infection-specific cabana for Cleocin, Clindesse (clindamycin), aliment-based adverse pediatric dosages of clindamycin, live interactions, contraindications, pregnancy & pediatric dosage of clindamycin schedules, and saw information. Clindamycin has been reported with severe colitis, more so than some other symptoms. Topical (topical solution, gel, and ointment) and vaginal (cream, ovules) narrows of clindamycin are set in patients with a history of clinical enteritis or life colitis, or a period of pseudomembranous colitis; other.

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