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2) Percocets don't contain aspirin, they contain Acetaminiophen mg usually sometimes more, aka Tylenol. 3) The temperature at which oxycodone degrades makes vaporizing it stupid, even if you have pure oxycodone HCL powder, not in pill form. 4) DO NOT SMOKE ANY PILLS, THE LUNG DAMAGE  smoking percocet 30's, am I wasting it? So ive been experimenting with vaping several herbs, and was wondering if anyone has experimented with opiates like hydro or oxycodone? If so how Chronic pain: CBD or THC or both?

Dosage Forms Discontinued in US. [IV not effective. as vaporize percocet see opioid]. amebiasis. [ mgkgday PO antiseptic q8h]. infections, scarey.

Some people will heat Percocet on tin foil to vaporize the oxycodone, allowing it to be easily inhaled. The problem with this process is that the medication itself is very fragile and doesn't withstand high temperatures – meaning very little oxycodone will actually make it to your nose. This may lead to smoking. I had this idea the other day. I have a greensmoke e-cig. It's pretty cool, I can get all the nicotine I want when I'm high without getting the.

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