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Are you taking Actonel? Fosamax (same class of med, a bisphisphonate), has been found to stay up to 10 years in one's system, even after coming off it. I'm not sure about Actonel, but chances are that it too probably stays around for quite a few years. If you are on Actonel, how long have you been taking it. Old , AM. maxie Newbie. (female). Join Date: May Location: la ca. Posts: 2. maxie58 HB User. how long does actonel stay in your system.

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There are two main ways by which your body gets rid of the bisphosphonates once you stop taking the drug. The first – and .. been taking. How long do I stay off of this Medicine to see if it's the cause? . If you've stopped taking Actonel, then your body will begin the process of cleansing your system of the drug. Your best. Question. Originally asked by Community Member monteocha1. How Long Does Actonel Stay In Your System When You Stop Taking It. Answer. Hi monteocha1, thanks for your question. This question can't be answered unless we know which dose strength you are taking. If you could post that info, we'll be happy to answer.

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