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With this tolerance, just was curious how much I should take to feel any effect, and what is the best way to take it, snort it? you most likely wont get high off any dose. but you should be more fucked up if yo overdose em a lil. i would guess around 8 mg for a person with your tolerance. just for me, i dont feel  Getting High off Klonopin Possible? Plus, clonazepam is the shittiest benzo for getting high off of anyways, even if you were dead set on doing that. It has a longer half-life than other benzos like my ativan, so there won't be a rush as it were. I find klonopin to just slowly creep up on me, and then I feel relaxed, no enjoyable high though.

Indicaciones: Trata la acidez de estómago frecuente (ocurre 3 o más días a la semana) no esta intencionado how many klonopin to feel high el alivio inmediato de la acidez de estómago; este producto puede tomar 1 a 4 días primero un efecto. El omeprazol se usa para tratar ciertos problemas del estómago y el esófago (por ejemplo, reflujo gastroesofágico, úlceras). Actúa reduciendo la cantidad de how many klonopin to feel high que fez el estómago. Alivia síntomas como la acidez estomacal, dificultad para tragar y la tos persistente. Este medicamento ayuda a aliviar el daño al. El Prilosec es un medicamento con grandes niveles de leden que se usa para tratar problemas de acidez y el esófago y otros problemas relacionados con el ácido del estómago.

But clonazepam ranks just as high in my opinion. i like how long it lasts and, unlike xanax, it doesn't wear off midway through the night. also, clonazepam gives me a mild body high that's . Maybe you've already had a benzo tolerance when you started Clonazepam and that's why you don't feel it info - - No effects from klonopin. (CLONAZEPAM). I was prescribed this over a year ago but I have pretty much no tolerance I guess. At first I was on xanax PRN for a few weeks and now I'm taking 1mg klonopin twice a day. I have a question though. I'm of course not wanting to get high on my medication, but do you "feel" when your medication kicks in?

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