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Ok, so I am supposed to be getting some xanax in the next couple weeks, and I wanted to know all the effects of it. The football shaped xanax are 1 mg. Just pop them its the best way. id say pop 2mg then if u dont feel much in 30 mins then take another 2 mg. that should be perfect for your first jumpfly.info info - - First time taking Xanax. I'm gonna do Xanax and I have three 1mg footballs. I need advice on how many I should take. I can get more if you think I should take more but I don't think I need more.(benzos) Xanax first time advice.

And I don't fucking get me high, I just mean common me not feel xanax first time 1mg. I don't really know anything about this stuff. I have a new long flights coming up, so I got a wide of some Xanax to find the trips a little more useful. The ones I got are 1 mg capsules.

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Just don't overdo it, especially with alcohol. My first time I took 1mg and was underwhelmed. Then I ate 1mg and blew a 2nd one. Then I smoked, and drank a small amount. I forgot I blew the 2nd one and blew a 3rd. It almost felt like I transitioned into sitting up from snorting it to my phone ringing and waking. Worth trying? What will I feel? I've researched it and i'm not even sure if 1mg is enough. I'm 5'6 and lbs. I don't drink alcohol.

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