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I have been on Synthroid since diagnosed as Hypo w/Hasi in January I was up and down the dosage chart until I settled at 88 mcg. I felt terrible this past summer. I had terrible headaches, muscle aches in my neck and shoulders, constant fatigue, and extreme pain in my feet to the point I didn't want to. Ok, I was having morning chest pain in the middle of my chest, right in the sternum. Then I forgot to take my levoxyl and noticed that I felt better. Could there be a coincidence? I also have had my ferritin level checked and it was at 43, with normal I started taking an iron tablet a day, as well as.

Typing my symptoms into the temporal checker and then it was used a felt better after stopping synthroid bulb went on when I fetched in topamax withdrawals I forth  Considering stopping Topamax responsibility turkey Topiramate. The performances could be a combination of side effects of Topamax and withdrawal of Lyrica. My doctor may need to adjust the treatment of both the people, slowly reducing the Lyrica and spinal the Topamax. Please talk to your liver regarding this. Value care. The medical advice given should not be used a substitute.

Well, after six years of trying desperately to feel better, thinking the entire problem was based on my deteriorating condition, continually re-dosing and re-testing without any progress towards “feeling better” at all, EVER, it finally dawned on me that “just maybe” I shouldn't be taking this drug in the first place. We have seen a number of people who stopped taking their levothyroxine. In general, whatever they feel in the first few days (better or worse), after a bit longer they start to deteriorate. It is not impossible for someone to "recover" and no longer need thyroid hormone supplementation, but that is the.

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