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A formulation of the composition described in EP was compared to the formulation described in patent EP , discussed above, and found to show a statistically significant increase in bioavailability vs. the formulation of EP Specifically, 67 mg fenofibrate in the formulation of EP. The present invention provides a formulation of fenofibrate with enhanced oral bioavailability, simplicity of design and manufacture and absence of food effect. The formulation comprises fenofibrate dissolved in a lipophilic surfactant, with a hydrophilic surfactant optionally added. The formulation can be.

Weinerlich ist er nicht geworden-auch nicht depressiv-zum Gl├╝ck. Aber das mit den Magen reicht mir schon 9 von fenofibrate formulation patent. Unser Sohn startet nun einen Versuch mit Strattera. Weiss jemand, ob es eine Rolle spielt, wann man die Kapsel einnimmt, d. am Morgen oder abends.

The invention provides at least a composition for the treatment of elevated levels of triglycerides, comprising a therapeutically effective amount of fenofibrate or another fibrate drug intimately associated with a polyethylene glycol and a poloxamer, preferably PEG and Poloxamer The invention. Belgium) developed a mg hard capsule formulation with a semi-solid content (Lidose, patent EP B1) into which fenofibrate is homogeneously dispersed within a lipid excipient mixture (7). This product was considered to be bioequivalent to the mg micronized fenofibrate reference product.

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