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According to an FDA review, further investigation is needed on the long-term risks and benefits of bisphosphonates, drugs used to treat osteoporosis. Doctors commonly prescribe such brand-name drugs as Actonel, Atelvia, Boniva, and Fosamax (as well as a number of generic products) for osteoporosis. In fact, more. A very serious long term Actonel side effect is osteonecrosis of the jaw. Actonel and osteonecrosis. With the millions of patients receiving various oral bisphosphonates for osteopenia and osteoporosis, many more cases of osteonecrosis are likely to emerge. Osteonecrosis of the jaws associated with use of.

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Taking popular bone-building drugs for the long-term may put some women at risk of crippling side effects, according to a government analysis. about the potential for some serious side effects in women taking bone-building drugs called bisphosphonates, specifically Fosamax, Actonel and Reclast. At the end of the FLEX study, spine bone mineral density (BMD) increased more (+%) in the long-term treated groups as of treatment effect on these markers, the risk of new vertebral fractures was reduced by 46% in the former risedronate users.

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