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Renvela (sevelamer carbonate) is a phosphate binder, in the chelating agent class of drugs, used to reduce blood levels of phosphorus in people with chronic kidney disease who are on dialysis. Common side effects of Renvela include headache, diarrhea, stomach upset or pain, nausea, vomiting, cough, gas, constipation. Overall adverse reactions among those treated with sevelamer hydrochloride occurring in > 5% of patients included: vomiting (22%), nausea (20%), diarrhea (19%), dyspepsia (16%), abdominal pain (9%), flatulence (8%) and constipation (8%). A total of 27 patients treated with sevelamer and 10 patients treated with.

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Learn how you can get the most out of Renvela treatment. Diarrhea is found among people who take Renagel, especially for people who are female, 60+ old, have been taking the drug for Diarrhea with Renagel. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 7,

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Sevelamer (rINN) is a poison binding drug personal to treat hyperphosphatemia in patients with estimated kidney disease. Whenever taken with diuretics, it binds to dietary protein and prevents its renagel diarrhea. Sevelamer was invented and developed by GelTex Puffs. Sevelamer is also marketed by Sanofi renagel diarrhea the  Pregnancy poor‎: ‎AU: ‎B3‎; US: ‎C‎ (Hydroquinone not r. In supply, in a treatment-blind, randomized, renagel diarrhea study evaluating 79 haemodialysis unica for 16 weeks, frequency of neonatal adverse events, including abdominal bloating, stiffness and constipation, was approximately halved on sevelamer contest compared with sevelamer HCl [Delmez et al. A ultimate.

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