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Some people can get quite drowsy on this medication. I knew a person who feel asleep while smoking after using this medication so be careful if it does make you sleepy. Many people do not have this effect so if you have never taken it, it is best to see how you react before you take it and drive or do. 2 Answers - Posted in: naproxen, medication - Answer: Naproxen making one sleep is not a listed side effect, maybe in your case.

How many meds can this will naproxen make you sleep child take. He is a 22 yr old female male. mg pills(i can seperate them deadlier too) (it says "SUN P" after "mg black,idk if that matters). how much to get more. Do not try to get very of it.

Hello Sandle, I find it makes me very tired too - mg sr naproxen - I used to take it in the morning before going to work but i felt really heavily sleepy so i stopped. I used to think it was taking both cocodamol and naproxen but even with just the naproxen i feel drowsy so take the cocodamol in with me. There's no way to know for sure, but naproxen—sold as a painkiller—does have a muscle-relaxant effect. That's why it tends to be effective for headaches (it relieves muscle tension that causes tension headaches), post-exercise soreness, and menstrual cramps (ditto). You may be getting that effect that.

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