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Going on week 6 of citalopram. Started on 10mg. Felt I needed to boost it up to 20mg. Things have been going great! Haven't had a panic attack in over a week now. I haven't experienced any side effects. Just amazed. Still happy I had courage to give this medication a chance. Best wishes. Panic and anxiety are awful to. I would like to know if it has helped anyone else with similar anxieties (Agoraphobia, Panic attacks). Jan; All great answers for you myself I think the Citalopram would be my first choice and as said you may feel worse before better but some get away with very little side effects that is normally for just the.

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Reviews and ratings for celexa when used in the treatment of anxiety and stress. You just need exercise and good nutrition and it will change your life (I think). . "I have been taking this medication since I was 19 due to panic attacks, anxiety & dissociation that came from my brother being diagnosed with a terrible mental. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to look in this forum or Google in general for "citalopram withdrawal" to know what others have experienced before . i started taking 10mg Citalopram last night for my anxiety disorder and panic attacks due to post traumatic stress and i was just as nervous as you!Citalopram for health anxiety????

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