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A controversial question. Macrobid is not an "enzyme inducer" - enzyme inducers reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. So in theory it should not reduce the pills effectiveness. However, until more is known, most doctors recommend while taking Macrobid an additional method of contraception is. Does the antibiotic macrobid used to treat uti's decrease the effectiveness of birth control? Because I'm on the pill and I shouldn't get my period for another week and I've been bleeding.. This makes me nervous because while taking macrobid I had sex without a condom, he pulled out, but I know that's not always a safe.

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Ok, I know all about birth control pills and antibiotics. This antibiotic has no warning on the bottle about interfering with BC. I have been on it daily since May (the Macrobid) because of recurring UTI. So i take one daily. I am also very up on taking my birth control pills. I take them religiously. We have one child, and I had to. I've used antibiotics twice while using the birth control pill. The first time (I don't remember which antibiotic it was) I got pregnant. Okay, maybe I was just unlucky and it had nothing to do with the antibiotics--it's possible. The second time I was taking Macrobid on the third week of my cycle, and I got my period.

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