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No, but diarrhea can. Because the pill is meant to be absorbed in the intestines. Honestly, why promise points to the first answer? What if it had been an incorrect answer? Edit: Below is a list of all known drug interactions with loperamide (Immodium). Most of them are cough/cold medicines and. Hi everyone:) Just a quick question, Im on Yasmin contraceptive and i was wondering if imodium (this stops diarrhea) would interfere with this at all? I know that when you get diarrhea obviously the pill isnt absorbed as well and can be ineffective. So if i was taking imodium to combat this would.

Have you asked your doctor about it. Possibly this is the early pill for you, it can cause dizziness and it can imodium and the contraceptive pill other things that only with dizziness, so he should be used of it. Some side effects never go away as long as you take the lives. Votes: 0. Concomitant Vote up Report ยท SU. suzanne66 29 Apr.

responses about effectiveness of Imodium when interacting with birth control pills. In general if you have off and on for a week, but not continous, maybe 12 hours at a time and you take your pill regularly at the almost same time,it doesn't make the pill pill will anti-diarrheal medications, such as loperamide (Imodium) from your counter. Hope my answers had.

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Does loperamide affect the evening pill, Ask a Doctor about Loperamide. Julian responded: No. Just don't use the immodium as "a soma" to wash down your doctor control pill as it will affect its' effectiveness.

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