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There are other medicines that may be taken by mouth for this infection, such as clindamycin (Cleocin), and there are also vaginal creams and gels. You will not be able to drink or have sex for a week. while on these meds. I know that can suck sometimes though. Your partner does not need to be treated because BV has not. If so, let him know right away you've stopped the Flagyl. Stool tests will confirm, and clindamycin is the top "offending antibiotic" for causing C-Diff, which is treated with Flagyl or Vancomycin. The numbness could be a side effect from the Flagyl - nasty med but it is what you need to be taking if in fact C Diff is the culprit.

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Antibiotic usage: Technically ur NOT resistant to metronidazole-this medicine only works against germs, not people I guess u did not get a clinical response. Given that the clindamycin didn't work either, I wonder if antibiotics will be of any help at all. You probably need to call the doc & have new input on your case Read. clindamycin mg cap ranbaxy blue/green capsule the other pill is metronidazol mg tab teva generic for>flagyl mg tab ## what are the precautions when using clendix, like drinking acohol and being in the sun? ## I didn't find any interactions listed between the two medications, but you.

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