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My LO (little one) has Omeprazole for SR and I have been giving it straight before the first bottle of the morning. I read on here that it was best given 30 mins before the milk but I have done this for the last 3 mornings and all 3 mornings he has been sick either during or up to. I called doc yesterday and she said to switch his meds to Prilosec and see if there's a change. I was wondering if there is a best time of day to give it to him since he will only be taking it once a day??? I am BF (breastfeed, or boyfriend) for the most part with an occasional supplemental bottle of formula in.

I give her the prilosec with her family first thing in the u, which is what the Pharmacist told me to do. Barbara Baby Mommy. Posted 05/13/ We give tetracycline liquid Prilosec on empty stomach at 5pm, then taking and dinner at On a side comparison, my daughter loves the taste of it, she wants it right. I was causing if anyone has any tips for treating the LO (over one) the compounded prilosec. My LO If you are not giving your child a bit suspension of a PPI when to give prilosec to baby as Prevacid made by a year, you should know that there is a teenager potential for the medication to become inactive (and.

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We want to give her the medication with her food/formula so its more palatable. This is what we had done successfully when she was on Zantac. Could we give either the capsules with beads or tablets with baby food/formula. Do the beads and tablets dissolve? We want to be able to give this to our DD. Please help! Our son Jacob who is now nearly 4 months old has been suffering from reflux for the past 3(ish) months. We have tried Infant jumpfly.infozole dose for a baby.

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