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If your pedi won't evaluate the fever, then you need to go to the ER and get them to check the baby out. Honestly, at 2 weeks old, I would not give tylenol for pain or fussiness or really anything without having someone figure out what the underlying issue is. I think you've already checked with your pedi, but if. hes acting very fussy and been feeling warm and seems like he has a stomach ache, i dunno what to do, i read to take infant tylenol but the box says my Pedi told me not to give my LO tylenol before 2 months because it could mask the fever symptoms and when you take him to the ER they will send you home. I would try.

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She doesn't have a fever or acting sick she is just really congested. When I suctioned her nose it comes out a little bit green. Is infant Tylenol Gave two month old CHILDRENS Tylenol - June Babies. He or she will know how much is safe for your baby. 2. Use the right dosage device – Different teaspoons hold different amounts and devices may measure in either milliliters or ounces, so always use the tool that came with the medicine you're going to give a baby. That way, you won't have. to make conversions (or even.

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